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 Committees allow members to fulfill the objectives of the National  Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution

Historic Preservation
Members support efforts of historic preservation, one of the three objectives of the National Society. The committee provides expertise, information, and guidance for identifying, restoring, and maintaining historic sites and properties.
Commemorative Events

Members promote the awareness and celebration of events cited by the National Society as well as local and regional commemorative events.  Join in celebrations that support the goals of the society.

Literacy Promotion
This group promotes literacy for children and adults.  Members volunteer to read to children or teach adults to read.  This committee organizes the chapter book club, Nellie's Girls.
American Heritage
The American Heritage Committee strives to preserve our rich American heritage in the fields of art and sculpture, crafts, drama and literature, fiber arts, and music.  Members are invited to participate in the various contests conducted by the committee. The Evelyn Cole Peters Awards for Excellence is given to individuals for Literature and Drama, Music, Art and Sculpture, Crafts, and Fiber Arts.
This committee promotes knowledge, loyalty, and love of country in the hearts and minds of American citizens, whether naturalized or citizens by birth.  Members attend and support naturalization ceremonies and present American flags to honor new citizens.
American Indians
This group leads efforts to provide financial assistance and educational aid to indigenous American youth and raises awareness of American Indians and indigenous peoples through  chapter programs.
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